Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Binding Choices

Well, I've been quilting away and I have two baby quilts nearly finished!  One is made from the scraps of Flurry from my Swoon quilt (which is still just a pile of nine finished blocks).  One is a new one using Out To Sea.

Flurry Zig Zag
I love the look of color-coordinated scraps together and how all the various reds, blues, and greens look cohesive from a distance.  The bottom zig zag is hard to see because of the angle of the photo but it's just a mish-mash of HSTs.  It is quilted with echoing zig zags.  All that's left to do is bind it!  I think I will be using one of the red prints I have some yardage of (it's for the Swoon quilt... but I think there's enough to do both).

My other project is a baby quilt with the Lucky Squares pattern from Sew Crafty Jess.  I used some Out to Sea fat quarters I bought at Wexford Dry goods a few months ago. 

Lucky Squares in Out To Sea

It turned out soooooooooo cute!  It was an exercise in perfecting my quarter inch seams.  So that was a good lesson.  There's a little bit of a fudge factor to this, but I never realized just how far off my quarter inch seams were until lately!  This makes some other things make a lot more sense... ha

The back of my Lucky Squares quilt
The back used the leftover squares I had cut.  Not one was wasted!  I quilted straight lines on either side of the ditch.  It really complements the layout of the squares and creates a cute little grid on the back.

I've still got about a fat eighth of each print leftover.  I don't know if I should save it for another quilt or use it for the binding.  There's really nothing in my stash that matches any of the colors.  Except white or some other neutral.  Should I do pieced binding or just pick a solid and go with it??  Suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Ooh, I love them both! So cute - you did a great job! The lucky squares pattern in genius. I would probably use them as binding - I know how you feel! I had extras of Little Apples and did the same thing, because I didn't know what I would use them for again.

  2. The Lucky Squares quilt is beautiful - love the bold colours in the Out to Sea fabric.

  3. these look great Melissa! Wouldn't the stripes looks so cute as a binding?!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Lauren! I ended up going with scrappy stripes as the binding. Got it machined on this morning and if I have any downtime today I'm going to start hand sewing it! I've got too many WIPs and something needs to be finished or I'm going to go crazy haha