Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Some days your left middle finger is the salmon and your sewing machine is the bear. Especially days when you are determined to finish a quilt top. Maybe it will be finished by the weekend now...

I'm really not even sure how it happened, but I somehow managed to sew the left side of my left middle finger last night. You'd think it would be the index finger... My machine was in the "needle down" position so it took me a minute to figure out how to get unstuck! It's all a blur. Luckily it missed the nail and the bone and came out the side. And luckily I have a good roommate who made sure I didn't pass out and brought me ice to put on it! And luckily my tetanus booster is up to date! 

So if you ever sew your finger, just remember you're not the only one! If you Google "I sewed my finger" there are a lot of hits! Haha


1 comment:

  1. That's never fun. And then once you've done it once, it happens again! And again!

    I hope you get yours done by the weekend!