Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Quilting!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here (yeah, I know we still have another major holiday between now and then, but I don't have time to hold my Christmas sewing off until after Thanksgiving).  There's less than 50 days to go.  And unless you're lucky, you won't be sewing on all 50 of those days!

I told you about my Christmas Ribbons quilt a while back.  It's now all pieced and basted.  I even got a little bit of quilting in last night!

Christmas Ribbons on my floor at about midnight on Friday - completed top!
I used the same white/poinsettia print on the back as I did for the border.  There's a strip of the other black poinsettia print down the back and that will be used for the binding, too.  Right now I'm quilting all of the big "diamonds" that I made with the colors - just stitch in the ditch around them.  And then I thin I'll go in and do the inside diamonds and then maybe do some kind of design in the center?  I'm not sure, and I'm still open to suggestions!

Have you ever had the needle come out while you are sewing? It doesn't break, the needle holder-inner thing isn't loose, the needle just rips right out of the machine and the thread stays intact and you have to loosen the needle thingy and put it back in?  That keeps happening while I'm quilting this thing!  Anyone have any ideas?  I think I read once that there's a front and back to batting and that can cause problems.  Could that be my problem?  Help is appreciated :)

I've also been doing a little retail therapy (we haven't seen the sun in Pittsburgh since before the hurricane - the hurricane was just annoying for us, no major damage, but it's been rainy or at least cloudy ever since... spending money on fabric is my way of adding sunshine to my life? maybe?) and I just ordered a FQ bundle of Bella and also 50 fat eighths from Lizzy House.  The fat eights won't ship until December 1...  it's going to be tough to wait it out!  The Bella FQs are in the mail today!  Now to figure out how to use them...

UPDATE: Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced! Be sure to take a look at all the other great WIPs this week!  Oh and I started cutting into my stash of Flurry last night for a Swoon quilt!



  1. The quilt top is great! I think I had a similar issue whilst quilting the totally groovy quilt actually. I think too mUch quilting for my machine. It is not used to it, and it was awkward to quilt as well..

  2. I love this quilt, Christmasy yet not the same old same old.

  3. What a great quilt! I love how it is set on an angle, and the pattern really plays tricks on your eyes. Very cool!

  4. Really great quilt. Sorry I have no wise words as to why the needle would pull out of the machine. Hope you find a fix for it soon though.

  5. This is a fantastic quilt. I love the effect of the ribbon blocks together, and that floral border looks marvelous.

  6. Love the Christmas Ribbons quilt!

  7. This is such a beautiful design. Just lovely. The needle thing is weird. What size needle are you using? Maybe try a more heavy duty one as it may be getting stuck in all the layers as its too small??

  8. oh wow! I just stopped inawe when I saw this. It's amazing.
    I have been finding that the presser foot holder (?) is falling down while sewing. As in it;'s loosening itself, so I have to stop and re-tighten the screw. I'm not sure what the cause is of either of our problems, but know that you are not alone in having a machine that does weird things.

  9. Really beautiful - love your design and the fabrics!