Thursday, August 2, 2012

Choosing a Chair

So I've been sewing at a small Ikea dining room table and matching chairs for 5 years now.  Before that I sewed at my desk (which is no longer in existence).  I recently got a Sew Steady extension table for my Baby Lock Elizabeth.  It seems like it is higher than the extension table for my old Singer and I find myself getting all hunched up and pulling my shoulders up to my ears when I am free motion quilting.  I don't notice it so much when I'm piecing.

So this leads me to believe that it is time to invest in a new chair.  I don't really want to get a different table because this is my dining room table I'm using and I don't have space for an extra table.  What is your sewing set up like?  Do you, like me, sew at your dining room table, or do you have your own sewing room?  What kind of table do you use (always good to know for future reference!) and what kind of chair do you have?  What do you love and hate about your sewing furniture?

I'd like to buy a new chair this fall sometime so any input would be appreciated!  I should mention that I'm rather short (my driver's license says 5'1", although the doctor recently told me I'm maybe not even 5'0" - they are measuring wrong. ha) so I am probably looking for an adjustable chair to get myself positioned above my work area!  Any input is appreciated!



  1. Until recently, I sewed on a desk. I have a neck problem and began to notice that I was quickly having problems with pain and loss of sensation. I finally figured out that my chair was lower than it had been as the piston thingy (the part that raises or lowers the chair) was no longer working. I replaced the desk with a solid 8' table and purchased a new drafting chair from the local office supply store. The drafting chair goes up much higher than a standard office chair, has a ring for my feet (I, too, am a shorty @ 5') and the back tilt is also adjustable. Makes a world of difference! I also purchased a mat for my chair to roll on as the room I quilt in is carpeted. This, too, makes a huge difference.

    1. Thanks Lori! Do you just use a stop/start button on your machine or did you have to make some kind of a stool to put the foot pedal on?