Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby G came early!

It's a good thing Baby G's quilt was finished up on Monday night because she arrived a few weeks earlier than anticipated! :)  I wrote up the label (first time I've ever labelled a quilt - that's something that should probably become a habit) and put it in the wash.  It's probably my favorite thing I've made so far!

A hammock is the perfect place for a photo shoot!!  The lighting is a little weird - my photography skills need some work.

A close-up of some of the prairie points - they were way easier than I had expected them to be and they turned out so well!  Baby G is going to love chewing on them!

My second-favorite fabric of the collection is this red one.

My absolute favorite out of all of them!  Maybe even my all-time favorite fabric!  I chose that for the backing.

And here's the back - label and all! 

Hopefully this evening I will be delivering the quilt to Baby G!


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