Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Second Swoon

For several months, I've been working on my second Swoon quilt.  The first one isn't finished.  The top is together, there was some unpleasantness with fabrics not matching, and I don't feel Christmas-y enough to work on it.

I started on another, using fabrics from Timber & Leaf.  Again, there are some issues with having the "same" gray but it's two different colors (one from a local shop, the other from an online shop, but they're the same color, same manufacturer, just different bolts - it's only really visible in sunlight, so it was too late when it was finally visible.  sigh).

The top is all together and I'm working on the quilting!  I started by stitching in the ditch around each star.  Then I added some loops in the triangles - something I've always wanted to try.  Not bad, for a first try!  There's room for improvement, but overall, they're fine.  I did have to use my chalk marker to draw the lines on first...  So the photo is of the back side - the chalk isn't visible.

First try - not bad!

Then I started with the REAL free motion quilting!  There was an opportunity to do some really neat things in the negative space between blocks, but I chickened out and decided to keep on with the paisley pattern - I'm getting pretty good at it!

Paisley in the negative space

There's still a lot of quilting left to do, and I need to figure out what to do with the stars themselves -  straight lines to contrast with all the curvy quilting and accent the straight lines of the piecing?  

It was windy... but you get the idea!
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  1. what a bummer about the different fabrics! I'm sure you will be the only one to really notice in the end, though.

    Your quilting is gorgeous. I love those paisleys. Can't wait to see more of this as you get it quilted.

  2. I love the paisley! I think it looks amazing!

  3. That quilt is just gorgeous! And you're worried about the grays matching or not matching? Because, honestly, there is nothing wrong with this quilt! Leave her alone, she knows what she wants. We quilters are too picky sometimes.

    My way of improving while I was still chicken was to challenge myself with just a little change. Not much, mind you...just enough to stretch my abilities but not such a challenge that I'd squawk. I bet you'll be floating along with no feathers before you know it. Your paisleys are very nice. Can't wait to see your other quilting.

  4. OMG I love this! I really need a bigger machine so I can learn to FMQ - your designs are just gorgeous.