Friday, March 15, 2013

Winners and Some Groovy FMQ

Important business first.  I'd like to welcome all of the new followers who joined during the blog hop - hope you enjoy reading along!  The winner of the birthday giveaway Twenty-Three charm pack is Debra Lee and the winner of the Celebrations sushi roll is Deb.  No, I wasn't going through choosing people with similar names, somehow managed to do that work for me! :)  Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope you had a great time on the blog hop!

I've been really busy hand sewing lately - today or tomorrow I will be dropping off my two quilts for the Three Rivers Quilt show, so I had to get sleeves on them and get them all de-linted/-haired/-threaded.  I made the mistake of making my first sleeve totally flat.  Bad idea.  It makes the top of my quilt look all bendy and funny.  Luckily some friends gave me some advice and I ended up making the second one in the vein of this D-Sleeve Tutorial from Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  My hands are cramping up after all that hand sewing!

My absolute favorite thing from this past week was finishing up the FMQ on my Groove quilt.  I decided to go back to my original thought of doing "organic, wavy lines" and tried that out over the final section of the quilt.  I loooooove it!

Quilting finished!  Finally!
Now to continue attaching the binding...  Oh and never again will I get hasty and decide I'm done before I'm actually done and then have to quilt with it already trimmed with the binding on.  Getting around the edges was soooo difficult!  There was basically nothing to hold on to.  But it's so busy, nobody will ever notice :)

After finishing that up, I'm feeling pretty confident in my FMQ skills.  I recently basted my Parking Lights quilt from last summer and will be quilting up that beast soon.  That was going to be my entry for Quilt Con.  Ooops.  Maybe for 2015!

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  1. Congrats to Debra and Deb! And what a BEAUTIFUL quilt! Quite stunning. I am super happy to be along for the ride!

  2. I really enjoyed the blog hop. It was the first one I've done. Thank you again for being a part of the giveaway. I met so many great quilt enthusiasts! I Iike your Groove quilt! The quilting looks great.

  3. Wonderful quilting on your Groovy quilt!

  4. Love all your groovy quilting. Looks great on that quilt.

  5. How fun and different! Love the quilting!

  6. Your Groove quilt is totally funky and Groovy! Love your quilting.

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous! Great job quilting this! I need to get practicing on my FMQing with my new machine. I have a class in a few weeks and I don't want to be first attempting it in the class!

  8. I like the quilt. I like the design and the quilting you did on it.