Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekender Weekend Finish!

After two years of sitting in my closet with only the front and back panels put together, the Weekender bag is finally finished!  When the pattern says to be patient, it's no joke!  Precise cutting would probably have made this much easier - I tend to think things are close enough...apparently not in this case.  It would also help if I had a different zipper foot.  Or maybe I just don't know how to use my zipper foot properly (this is totally possible, I never do anything with zippers!).

Anyhow, here are a few pictures of the finished bag.  It really wasn't that bad, it just takes a lot of patience :) Maybe someday I'll attempt it again with other fabric :)

Front view

Lining - I feel like this could look nicer, but nobody will see it!
Next time, I'd add some pockets too!

Side view - those little side pockets are super cute!
They kinda hide the crappy sewing near the zipper pull :)
I'm off to rest - feeling pretty lousy due to self-diagnosed sinusitis.  If this isn't better tomorrow, it's off to to the doctor!  There's so much I want to sew but all I can do is lay here and thing about getting up and doing something!  It's the worst!


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